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Organic matcha energy drinks for a healthier caffeine fix.
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Project Overview

A few years ago there were a few Matcha products on the UK market, but not enough to satisfy the founders of Perfect Ted; Levis, Marisa, and Teddie wanted to create a healthy matcha energy drink to substitute their usual caffeine fix. So they packed their bags for Japan to procure an organic farming partner and started working with an R&D lab to create the perfect recipe as soon as they got back. In April 2021 Perfect Ted was pitched on Kickstarter and within 24 hours they were fully funded.

the challenge

With funding secured, the next step in their business plan was a high-end e-commerce platform. They knew exactly what they wanted and they wanted it fast, but working with an independent developer they saw their timeline get pushed back from the end of May to mid-August, and by September they were still without a functional site. Enter Superco.

the solution

Perfect Ted came to us with a preconceived design and we realised it with a custom-built Shopify site. Because they wanted to launch at The London Coffee Festival, agile development was more important than ever. We made sure the site was live and flawlessly functioning before its festival debut.

the experience

“Everyone at Superco went above and beyond from the start to the end of the project. Everything was dealt with in a professional manner and communication was very transparent. The feedback we receive from users is consistently positive because the website is very user friendly, works well and the design is exceptional."

the future

Since the go-live, Perfect Ted has quickly gained traction with both direct-to consumer-customers and major wholesale buyers, such as Planet Organic, Kew Gardens and Holland & Barrett. Offering a healthier, plant-based alternative to traditional energy drinks, they’re well placed to capitalise on the healthy food trend and the team is currently hashing out a plan for expansion.

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