Low-calorie, nutrient-rich legume crisps.
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Project Overview

Protos is a sub-brand of Antithesis Foods, a food tech company founded by Cornell University science graduates dedicated to making processed foods healthier for people and planet. Using the latest innovations in food science, they develop nutritious, low calorie legume-based alternatives to our favourite crunchy snacks and ingredients.

the challenge

Antithesis Foods came to us to launch Protos, a new brand of better-for-you, legume crisps (chips), in the North America market. They were looking for an ecommerce experience that reflected the company ethos and parent brand, and would perform for both individual consumers and trade buyers shopping wholesale.

the solution

We designed and developed a Shopify site, using a predefined “theme” framework but with significant customisation to communicate the brand values and mission. Together with a strong focus on simple & fast UX, the solution was successful in attracting the target audience and driving strong conversion and subscription rates.

the experience

“We had a great experience with SuperCo, from ideation and design, to review and launch. The team took the assets we had, built them into a beautiful, creative site that our team continually receives compliments on. While we outlined our general needs, the SuperCo team really took the bull by the horns and built something that not only visually encapsulates our brand, but is extremely functional and easy to use. Finally, whenever we received feedback from our customers and consumers after the go live, Superco were quick to respond and fix any issues. The whole site works great, which is a testament to their team's attention to technical details while never ignoring aesthetics.”

the future

If you eat it and it crunches, you can be sure that Anthises Foods will be launching a healthier version of it very soon. Up next – new Protos crisp flavours. They’re particularly excited about spicy jalapeno, dill pickle and cinnamon sugar.

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