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We bring a data-driven, creative, and disciplined approach to making our client’s businesses as efficient and profitable as possible.

Our team is located around the world with developers, designers, store technicians and marketeers based in the UK, Canada, Ukraine, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Philippines, India, Netherlands, France and Italy.

Superco started during Covid. We’re not constrained by needing a physical office so we’re 100% remote business and believe in hiring the best talent wherever they live. Travel, and avoiding cold winters is actively encouraged across our team.

tom & Tom got you covered

SuperCo is founded by Tom Mucklow and Tom Carew. The two Tom’s lived together at university and remained close friends throughout their 20s. In 2019, Tom Carew set up a user experience design and development company focusing on complex multi platform technology builds. Tom Mucklow was running a Shopify supplement brand called Aurora.

Tom Mucklow had a number of bad experiences with Shopify agencies so the two Toms decided to join forces and start Superco.

The business has grown from three to 22 full time people in the first year and is set to continue at breakneck speed as the quality of services improves.

We’re relentlessly focused on improving the quality of our service. Both Tom’s believe in hiring the best talent we can afford and then invest in the continuous training of the team.

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