"Superco  nailed our designs first time. Their communication and help throughout was exceptional and we really felt valued as customers and collaborators on this project. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a professional and impactful web development team."
Josh Woodman, Rose-Wines

"Great dev team! Fast, responsive, detailed, professional, knowledgeable and supportive. Had a great experience working with SuperCo on an extensive list of front-end theme tweaks and will continue working with them in the future."
Francesca Bautista, Cult Mia

Our Service

Superco's Expert team helps Shopify merchants sell online.

We provide solutions to help merchants start-up, manage and scale their businesses.


Simple Pricing

We record every minute worked by our team on our proprietary ticket and time management system. This means you can see exactly how long task is taking and costing.

We charge $1 per minute for our subscribers and $1.25 for clients who want immediate on demand solutions. Estimations and approvals are built into our system so you can control your requests from your customer portal.


Expert Team

At Superco, we believe it's impossible to over communicate. Our system has communication tools built into the core of the platform and our team are trained to use visual communications (video and screenshots) wherever possible.

Our team is made up of the best ex-Shopify gurus, developers with over 10 years experience and specialist eCommerce web designers. Our delivery managers have specialist knowledge and experience delivering complex projects on the Shopify platform.
Our Process
A technology-first approach to technical services.

Signing up for an account and requesting work is quick and easy. As soon as you approve an estimate, we can start work on your Shopify store within one working day.

Create a client portal

When you sign up for an account on SuperCo, we ask you to agree to our terms of business and provide your store ID, email address and phone number. You must also choose between a pay-as-you-go or a subscription plan. Once set up, we will request development permissions through out Shopify Partners account.

Submit a ticket

You can submit a ticket by sending us and email or by creating a request in your client portal. Being granular about the requirement, providing screenshots and videos helps us  interpret better your requirements so we can deliver your work in the shortest possible time.

Receive an estimate

You can request an estimate when you submit a ticket. Once we've prepared the estimate, we enter it to the system for you to approve. After you approve the work, the ticket is assigned to one of our team members and you will see the status change from Booked to Working.

Approve finished work

When we have fished the work, the ticket status will be changed to Review. By the time is has got to this stage, we have checked the quality of the work. You have up to three days to review the work and ask for amends. If you approve or after three days, the work is deemed completed and we change the status to Live.

Our proprietary system means that every ticket goes through the same rigorous quality controlled process. See the ticketing workflow below:

Hear it from our customers

Photo Albums & iOS App

Photo Albums

Farm and Online Butcher

D2C Food

Luxury Homemade Carpets & Pillows

D2C Decor

Bespoke ArAbic Interior Decorations

B2C Home Decor

Knives Retail

Drop shipping

Hawaiian Skincare


Dog Treats & Social Cause


Supplements & Lifestyle Brand

D2C Health

Diet Products

D2C Food

Sports Drinks

D2C & B2B

Health & Wellness

D2C Food

Interior Design

D2C Food

Engraved Corporate Products


Multipurpose Gloves Retail

B2B Medical

Outdoor Kitchen, BBQ & Furniture

Drop shipping

Magazines and Advertising


The team was very strategic and great at asking questions and providing recommendations. SuperCo successfully built the website and exceeded the firm's expectations. The team had great communication with the client.

Shawn Hussain
CEO, Ecommerce Law Group

Superco ran a seamless process and was receptive to scope changes. They pivoted as needed and implemented an effective project management style. Responsiveness is a hallmark of their work.

Dan Banon
Founder, Tribery

They really care about delivering exactly what we're looking for and exceeding expectations. I worked with an agency to build my new store. Since going live with the new store, I've used Superco to bug fix and make small changes to my store. I've found the developers very quick and responsive. I love that I only paid for the time you use and convinced it saves me money overall.

Matt Jaffe
Coco Carpets LLC

As a start-up, there are constantly these small tweaks and developments we need for our Shopify Storefront. Whether it's a custom font integration, an issue with installing a snippet for one of the many integrated apps, or even something more advanced with the coding...Tom and his team have done such an incredible job streamlining a process to tackle these tasks quickly, efficiently, and at extremely reasonable prices with their unique cost model. Thanks to SuperCo for figuring out how to address a huge void in the immediate support needs of a Shopify start-ups. We're thrilled!

Nic Yavelak

It's really easy to input development tasks and the work gets done quickly and to a high standard. I love how you can follow along and see the work being completed in real time through their screenshot feature. Looking forward to seeing what other tools they add into the app going forward.


The e-commerce platform was finished ahead of schedule and within budget. Backswood shows expertise in developing and running the e-commerce website, which has helped the client exceed sales forecasts. The team has been dedicated to hitting deadlines and providing top-notch service for the client.

James Leatham
Lyons Hill Farm

They executed the plan magnificently! My site looks great!  It was really a total redo and they kept me in the loop the whole way.  They handled everything very professionally and designed a really great site!   

Nancy Hallbauer
Custom Design & Engravings.



How's that monthly retainer treating you?


On retainer, agencies get paid regardless so there's no incentive to work fast.

Poor Communication

Multiple line of communication means work doesn't get finished on-time.



We track every minute we work, so you never get charged for work you don't receive.


Our proprietary platform is the central nervous system of our organisation. You enter the task and follow the progress; all our communications are in one place.


Prices from $1/per minute. If a task takes 10 mins, $10 is all we charge.


Hard to Find

India? Russia? Local? Who can I trust, and where should I look?

Hard to Manage

Managing freelancers is difficult, especially when they prioritise lifestyle and their highest paying customers.

Monthly Minimums

The best freelancers require you to book a minimum number of hours.

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