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Are you a high-growth merchant? Leverage the simplicity of the Shopify Plus platform together with our expertise in custom integration, subscription and scaling. We deliver complex ecommerce solutions in the most efficient way.

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Why you'll thrive with Shopify Plus

Wholesale /
B2b Platforms

Shopify Plus is designed specifically for large, high-volume merchants, which can include wholesale and B2B businesses. These types of businesses often have unique needs when it comes to managing orders, inventory, and pricing, and Shopify Plus is designed to address these needs with its range of advanced features.

Superior customisation

Customised checkout is a benefit of using Shopify Plus because it allows you to tailor the checkout process to fit your specific needs and make it as seamless as possible for your customers. This can be especially useful for wholesale businesses, which may have unique requirements for their checkout process.


Multi-store is a feature of Shopify Plus that allows you to manage multiple online stores from a single, centralised dashboard. This can be especially useful for businesses that operate multiple stores or websites for different regions, languages, or brands.

shopify plus services

The enterprise platform that’s built for change.


Premium, Personalised Support


In-Depth Analytics


Exclusive Apps And Resource Access


More Integrations


Superior Customisation With Themes And Checkout


Higher Pricing Options


A Unified Dashboard To Manage Multiple Stores


Wholesale Channels


Merchant Success Program

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