July 26, 2023

Shopify Editions: Summer ‘23

An overview of Shopify’s latest launches, updates, and enhancements.

Every six months, Shopify releases a new Shopify Edition, a comprehensive product story that details the latest launches, updates, and enhancements. The catalogue is designed to show brands, agencies, and developers how Shopify can support their growth using deep expertise, world-class products, and AI innovations. 

Shopify recently set a clear vision, stating that Artificial Intelligence is today’s biggest catalyst for exponential growth, and encouraging entrepreneurs, creators, retailers, and enterprises to think bigger than ever. We totally agree. There’s no doubt that businesses harnessing the power of AI are already seeing a huge advantage over their competitors.

The Summer ‘23 Editions has just been released, with VP of product, Glen Coates offering us a full demo of the 100+ product updates set to power the future of ecommerce — each tool has been designed to make a brand's complex needs even simpler to achieve…

New Design

Shopify as you know it has changed. The redesign has new fonts and spacing to increase density and help make your data clearer. Global search has also been improved, with results appearing much faster, and now displayed with hit counts. In another less subtle update, the homepage has been streamlined into a single column and merchants can now scroll through their most important metrics up top.

Brands will also notice improved performance when using the bulk editor — now super fast, and with columns that can be resized. Although this list of changes may appear small in stature, they’re sure to add up when you’re using the platform all day long. 

SQL layer 

Familiar with the process of managing staging environments for your store? This has always been the safest way to make changes over time, allowing brands to edit and review content before it goes live. SQL layer is a new layer for copying data into new stores — over time it will become the foundation for making bulk data transfers from, to and within Shopify stores much more scalable and reliable.

🪄 Shopify Magic 

A suite of AI-powered features that are integrated across Shopify’s products and workflows — this new product combines the latest advancements in AI technology and Shopify’s data. Think instant answers for your FAQ’s in the chat feature, as well as AI generated bespoke responses. 

Shopify Magic is available worldwide on all plans.

👯 Sidekick 

An ecommerce assistant that combines advanced AI technology and Shopify’s data to offer personalised, contextually relevant support for a range of tasks — whether that’s building a store, marketing, customer support or back office management. Sidekick is set to be a real game changer for entrepreneurs. . 

Sidekick is available worldwide on all plans, currently on early access only. 

🎁 Bundles 

Offer product bundles using new apps that work seamlessly in the admin and include real-time inventory syncing for oversell protection. For fixed bundles and multipacks, brands can use the new Shopify Bundles app. For more support, including mix-and-match bundles, use one of the new bundles apps in the Shopify App Store, or build a custom bundles offering with the Bundles API (exclusive to Shopify Plus).

Bundles are available worldwide on all plans. 

↩️Shopify Subscriptions

A new app that allows merchants to set up subscription products. Select product, frequency, and discount, then you can add the widget to your online store. For more complex subscription needs, there’s still our trusted partners at Recharge. 

 🛍️Shopify Collective

Connect and curate complementary products from quality brands on Shopify. Merchants can add products to their store in minutes and earn margin on what they sell. Suppliers will ship directly to your customers, so there’s no stock to purchase or keep on hand — just more sales on site! Inside of Collective, all you need to do is browse products, or suppliers, click import and you’re all set to sell.

Shopify Collective is available on all plans in the US & CA, currently on early access only. 

💳 Shopify Credit 

An accessible, flexible, and affordable business charge card for entrepreneurs. Streamline workflows and keep track of everyday business expenses in the Shopify admin. 

Shopify Credit is available on all plans in the US only.

↩️ Shopify Marketplace Connect 

Businesses can expand their reach by effortlessly integrating their Shopify product catalogue with leading marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay and Etsy. One of the main things merchants like to do when managing marketplaces is manage their listings, and with Shopify Marketplace Connect making changes is easy. When your brand makes a sale, the order will be automatically imported and inventory will be updated across channels in real time, this means you can leverage your existing process in Shopify to manage and fulfil the orders.

Shopify Marketplace Connect is available worldwide on all plans.

✏️ Flexible sections in the Online Store Editor

Create unique layouts in Shopify stores with flexible sections that allow you to drag and drop, re-size, group, edit, and more. 

Flexible sections will be available worldwide on all plans, currently only available to use on early access.

📈 Platform conversion study

Shopify Checkout is the best on the internet, now backed by evidence from a Big 3 global consulting firm. Shopify’s overall conversion rate outpaces the competition by up to 36% and by an average of 15%. Additionally, Shop Pay lifts conversion by as much as 50% and outpaces other accelerated checkouts by at least 10%. 

🛒 New Checkout extensions 

New APIs and updates that enable partners to create unique checkout experiences with apps, including customised delivery methods, delivery dates, and suggested addresses, all managed within the checkout editor. 

Available worldwide with some Shopify Plus exclusive features.

✅ B2B on Shopify 

New features that make it easier for customers to place orders, including volume pricing which allows your wholesale customers to benefit from bulk discounts, quick order lists, more payment methods, credit card vaulting for checkout to draft and draft orders, and code-free customisation options. Previously, it wasn’t possible to have specific versions of your online store for your B2B and D2C customers, but now it is. Hide parts of your page that aren’t relevant for your D2C business, or likewise tailor a page so it’s better suited to wholesale.

Shopify Plus exclusive, some features in early access.

📱Shop Store updates

It’s now easier to reach, engage and create brand fans out of millions of shoppers on mobile. Merchants can enhance their Shop Store with expressive branding, such as images, slogans, or video headers. An exciting update when considering the impact of a customised store — an effective way to build trust and drive engagement. 

Updates available worldwide on all plans.

👩‍💻 Developer updates

New enhancements, including 15+ APIs and updates to help create the best checkout experience for your clients, CLI improvements to build Hydrogen storefronts faster, no rate limits on the Storefront API, tools to develop and market your apps more effectively, and ways to customise Shopify’s backend logic. 

Updates available worldwide on all plans.

Interested in learning more? Shopify partners and merchants are invited to join a Summer ‘23 Edition webinar on August 22nd, with more details to follow. 

Shopify will also release a resource hub with product demos and async AMAs with the product team — we’ll be sure to let you know when access is available. 

Need help pushing a brand to its full potential with Shopify or Shopify Plus? Get in touch, we’re happy to chat.

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