July 18, 2023

Superco: On Brand #2

+ other impressive partner updates, and Bread & Jam Fest 🍞🍓
Hi from the Toms,

If you haven’t already seen the news on socials, Superco has been announced as finalists in the UK Agency Awards for not one, but three impressive categories.

We’re up for ecommerce agency of the year, independent agency of the year and best large agency, and it feels so great to be recognised in this way so early on. The team is really excited and we’re looking forward to celebrating at the event in September.

On the topic of events, F&B brands, it’s not too late to come and check out what’s going on at Bread & Jam festival today (and tomorrow) in London — find our discount code and more info below.

See you all soon,
Tom & Tom

NEW Shopify Checkout Extensibility

Shopify Checkout is known for being fast, intuitive, and simple — designed for speed and conversion whilst also including built-in features for adding express checkouts, local payment methods, and tipping options. 

Up until now, if brands wanted more advanced customisations to the look and functionality of their checkout, they’d need to request access to their checkout.liquid theme file, and then work with a developer to edit the code. 

Checkout Extensibility is Shopify’s latest gamechanger, making it faster and easier for brands to customise their checkout, whilst also allowing developers to flex their creative muscles. 

The latest development includes a suite of powerful platform features that give merchants the ability to make code-free changes to their checkout using apps. A few examples include applying branding changes such as the colour palette, upselling products before, during and after checkout, creating new discount features, or building custom banners. 

Brands can still choose to work with developers if they envision a user experience that sits outside of the native functionality, as experts (such as our dev team here at Superco) are now given the option to develop custom apps for bespoke customisations using a collection of components and APIs. 

Need help with your checkout? Reply to this email and we’ll be in touch.

Ursa Major increase Recharge subscribers by 17% each month with Relo

New Yorkers, Oliver Sweatment and Emily Doyle swapped city life for greener pastures and decided to bottle up the supernatural benefits of a mountain lifestyle by founding skincare brand, Ursa Major. Last year, they partnered with Superco to focus on a high-impact returning customer and retention strategy — and we’re pleased to see it’s leading to great results.  

Although Ursa Major products were a hit with skincare enthusiasts, not every returning customer chose to subscribe, and in some cases those that did would change their mind without leaving any explanation. The brand desperately wanted to keep their subscriber list happy and growing, but a lack of data left actions uncertain.

Our team was quick to conduct an audit and results suggested that Ursa had gaps in their storytelling, with more messaging needed to push the benefits of returning and subscribing. Our design team refreshed PDPs to make opting for a subscription clear, simple and enticing, and we recommended and monitored integrations with two of our trusted partners, Relo and Recharge.

Relo helped Ursa Major overcome indecision and inaction by using data to identify and target customers that were ready for subscription. The platform considers what products have been ordered, in which volume, over which time frame, and how that aligns with what other "lookalike" audiences have done before. This information is then fed into a Klaviyo flow to catch customers at exactly the right moment. Relo have since published a detailed case study, and we’re loving what we see:

🏆 17% increase in one-time-purchase to subscriber rate Top performing Klaviyo flow 6x ROI

Shopify Updates 🛒

Sidekick is the new AI assistant for Shopify merchants. CEO, Tobi Lutke dropped a teaser video on Twitter about his passion for entrepreneurship and why he believes every founder deserves a dedicated sidekick to help them on their journey. No release date yet but this is definitely an exciting tool to keep your eyes on 👀

Checkout UI extension updates have been announced and our dev team were pretty pleased to hear that the extension limit has been raised to 50 per app, with other changes facilitating easier customisation of the checkout experience.

Merchants can now benefit from localised URL handles for every market and language within their online store. This is pretty big news for Shopify brands that are reliant on search traffic and SEO — the update is part of the Translate & Adapt app.

Bret Taylor was recently welcomed to Shopify’s board of directors and if you haven’t heard his name before, he’s one of the minds behind Google Maps📍 Bret has a wealth of experience in entrepreneurship, AI, and commerce, and we don’t think anyone is doubting that he’s the right candidate as Shopify shift their attention to enterprise. You can listen in on a chat between Tobi and Bret here.

Shopify has also announced that they are making Shop Pay available to enterprise retailers that are not on Shopify. This has been made possible through Commerce Components by Shopify (CCS) so that larger brands can tap into the power of the world’s best-converting, seamless, one-click checkout.

Stuff we’re talking about

🛍️ Mock.shop powered by Shopify, allows users to quickly spin up a proof-of-concept storefront without having to set up a shop or run any server-side code. All that’s needed is a simple API to query sample products, variants, carts, and more. Finally a way to instantly experience headless commerce on Shopify.

🎙Russian-American computer scientist and AI researcher, Lex Fridman invited VC billionaire Marc Andreessen onto his podcast to discuss the future of the internet. They talk through the dangers and the benefits of rapidly evolving tech, a captivating listen.

✏️Figma has announced updates that will bridge the gap between design and development. Our team are already enjoying the benefits of the new Dev mode which promises increased efficiency by bringing design and code closer together.

Brands we’re watching

💧Postevand: Animation invites us into their brand story, and they’ve nailed the brand expression by creating an aesthetic that mirrors their packaging perfectly.

BAO: The navigation is winning us over here, unique and effective. The introduction of illustrations and maps to differentiate locations is a nice touch to keep users clicking. 

👘 La Double J: Vibrant and playful, this is a brand that understands their community. The bold colours and copy that you see on site extend seamlessly into their email marketing which always has us clicking through for another browse.

🌶️Chillys: Much like the products, this store feels smooth and practical. PDPs flow well and feel effortlessly cool, overall the site demands attention and holds it. 

👟On-running: In the words of our creative director Andy, “On-Running is on 🔥with their redesign. It’s great to see a brand embrace lower screen navigation on mobile, doing something outside of the norm but mitigating risk with a beautiful implementation.”

🧠Heights: This brand delivers a lovely lesson in branding and a clear and compelling user journey, we’re also happy to see the success of their recent partnership with Onepilot


Bread & Jam Festival is today and tomorrow and it’s an amazing opportunity for F&B brands. Over the next couple of days there will be 70+ hours of industry content and trade secrets, 60+ industry experts, and hundreds of emerging brands. Retailers such as Whole Foods, Selfridges, Sainsbury's and WH Smith will be around and you can get 30% off your ticket with code SUPERCO30.

Sophie, our CRM Manager took a trip to Portugal and was able to meet with Alfredo from the dev team in Porto. As a remote-first, global agency we love to see colleagues get together!

Partner Updates

As of July 4th, Recharge’s Dynamic Bundle became available for early access. Dynamic bundles allow merchants to create bundles where the total price is determined by the items selected by the customer. Dynamic quantities are also supported, allowing consumers to customise the number of products in their bundle.

Friends over at Yotpo recently provided us with a recap of their product updates and launches. If you don’t know about Yotpo Email, Yotpo Subscriptions, Yotpo Reviews, Yotpo SMS or Yotpo Loyalty, we 💯 encourage looking into their capabilities.

Last week, Klaviyo surveyed over 1,000 shoppers in anticipation of Amazon Prime day. The aim was to find out what shoppers were hoping to buy and the kind of deals they were looking forward to, check out current consumer expectations in this post.

Okendo launched Referrals last week, a tool to help D2C merchants turn their five-star reviewers into brand advocates. Referrals prompts customers to refer a friend during the buying process, engaging shoppers at key moments of satisfaction and therefore leveraging a cost-effective way to acquire customers. Think this could work for your brand? Get 60 days free when you mention Superco.

Jebbit has a range of updates in the pipeline including improving add to cart usage by solving issues around out-of-stock and dynamic variants. The experience platform is also working on their orders dashboard, which will show how much revenue the app has driven through the experience or through the brands, the conversion rates, and the average order value lift.

Meet Superco:

How did you end up with Superco?

I’ve had the privilege of witnessing first-hand a decade of evolution in ecommerce. Beginning my journey as an executive assistant, I progressed to roles involving design, development, project and retainer management, eventually taking on the responsibility of establishing and leading teams within an agency. Three years ago I discovered Superco, a decision that has undoubtedly been one of the most rewarding and transformative milestones in my career.

What work are you most proud of?

The relationships I have been able to build over the years, personally and professionally. Family, friends and a sense of community is everything.

Favourite current project?

Hard to pick one, they all come with different challenges and always end up being rewarding. I have especially enjoyed working with one of our larger clients Ceva, who have multiple projects and retainers ongoing at any given time for multiple brands/countries. It has been a great experience in supporting a corporate business to establish processes that manage and push forward their global strategy and vision.

Best advice?

There are many, but one I find helpful is the very simple “It's not the end of the world”. Whatever situation you are in, it’s much easier to get to a solution, professional or personal, when you zoom out.

Brand to watch?

I have to give a shout-out to Represent. They have grown from strength to strength and there is no stopping them, which all stems from the whole team's relentless drive to simply be the best brand in the world, and they’re doing it— global takeover in progress, so definitely keep an eye out!

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