September 12, 2023

Superco: On Brand #6

Amazon - Shopify partnership and peak season strategies.
Hi from the Toms,

Last week we joined forces with Reload Digital to host an Ecom Leaders brunch at Tower Bridge. Top of our agenda was peak season 2023, which is looming closer and closer every day. 

Over coffee and 🥐 we guided attendees through our team’s unique BFCM insights, and shared expertise related to peak-preparation and how to manage the months that follow. 

It was great to have so many brands we admire in the room, thank you to everyone that joined us from Rat & Boa, FUNKIN COCKTAILS, Carol Joy London, Skin Rocks, Daisy London, Philip Kingsley, Ceva, Skinnydip, Tangle Teezer, Bluebella, New Era Cap, and Designer Exchange!

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See you all soon,

Tom & Tom

UK Ecommerce Awards 👏

We are very proud to share that Superco has been shortlisted for five categories at the upcoming UK Ecommerce Awards!

💥Large Agency of the Year 💥

💥Ecommerce Website of the Year 💥

💥Fashion Ecommerce Website of the Year 💥

💥Food & Drink Ecommerce Website of the Year 💥

💥Subscription Website of the Year 💥

We couldn’t be prouder of the team at the moment, they truly deserve to be rewarded for all the hard work they’re putting into every project. 

It’s also amazing to see so much client work getting recognition. Luxury fashion label Represent, and F&B brand Minor Figures both partnered with Superco for full digital transformations, the work’s been outstanding and these nominations reflect that. Looking forward to the results! 

A snapshot of our brunch 🥞

Last week we hosted an Ecom Leaders brunch in partnership with Reload Digital. The morning was packed full of value for brands that want to maximise their revenue over Q4. We’ll be releasing more content this week that gets into the real nitty gritty of it, for now here’s a glimpse at our peak season timeline…

🍁August to October: time to grow. 

Your goal over these months is to be increasing prospects by building your database and audience. If you’re not concentrating on this right now, here’s your sign to shift your focus. 

🎃September to early November: time to engage. 

Prospects should experience at least 5-10 brand touchpoints depending on your category. We recommend scaling your prospecting and lead generation budgets up by 30% for the 4-6 weeks prior to BFCM. 

🎁November to December: time to convert. 

Place your product and incentive right in front of your audience, these months are purely for sales activation. The key here is to know who you’re talking to, we’ll break the three types of shoppers down in our upcoming blog.

❄️December to January: time to retain. 

Now is when you close the gap between the 1st and 2nd purchase — this is the key to driving customer loyalty. There’s plenty of opportunity after BFCM, consumers still have Christmas to shop for! 

For greater detail and our team's expert insights, look out for the extended version on our socials this week. 

Amazon and Shopify forge a partnership 🤯

In an unexpected twist, Amazon and Shopify have joined forces in a deal that could transform the retail experience of many merchants. Under the new partnership, Shopify's extensive network of brands gain access to Amazon's robust logistics infrastructure, including the highly popular 'Buy with Prime' feature. This programme kicked off with select sellers on August 30th, with plans for a full-scale rollout to all US-based Shopify merchants by the end of September.

'Buy with Prime' is known for its streamlined shopping experience. The service offers a smooth checkout process, swift deliveries, and hassle-free returns. For Shopify sellers, it signifies a significant leap forward, enabling their customers to finalise transactions directly on site, eliminating the need to navigate to Amazon's platform. The significance here lies in the guarantee of a frictionless shopping experience, a key factor in driving online conversions as today’s shoppers favour convenience and reliability. 

The integration with Amazon's fulfilment capabilities also promises numerous advantages. Merchants can rest assured that orders will be processed swiftly and accurately, especially important as we approach promotional periods such as Black Friday where sales are set to peak. The efficient delivery associated with 'Buy with Prime' will likely elevate customer satisfaction, having a positive knock on effect for retention.

The partnership will also simplify inventory management — with access to Amazon's logistics network, sellers are empowered to optimise their processes, reduce storage costs, and mitigate the risks associated with overstocking or understocking. This efficiency translates to a more streamlined operation and could result in higher profits. 

It’s also good news for smaller, lesser-known brands who stand to gain significantly from the alliance. Amazon's reputation as trustworthy and reliable is unmatched in the world of ecommerce. The integration will instil an immediate sense of confidence that could otherwise take years to achieve. Brands should of course continue to nurture their audiences, especially given the vast new customer base they’ll have access to through links to Amazon. 

We can’t help but think this collaboration is particularly intriguing given the response to Amazon’s launch of “Buy with Prime” in 2022. Many considered the move a strategic response to Shopify's rapid ascent. 

Shopify has empowered thousands of brands to sell directly to consumers, bypassing the need for marketplaces like Amazon or eBay. By aligning forces with Amazon, the platform now has a logistics advantage while preserving its brand-first approach. The way we see it, Shopify comes out on top as a versatile, merchant-focused solution that bridges the gap between e-commerce giants and independent sellers, ultimately enhancing its competitive edge. This is a big win for Shopify Plus brands.

Stuff we’re talking about

Salesforce is actively embracing generative AI and has a $500 million fund for ethical AI development, aiming to become the top AI CRM provider. They’ve also introduced new AI-powered applications for sales, customer service, and marketing. 

TikTok is discontinuing TikTok Storefront and its integration with Shopify globally. Instead, the entertainment platform will focus on TikTok Shop, its in-app ecommerce solution. 

Zalando is suspected to have removed product reviews from its platform, although the online marketplace has not made an official announcement yet. The move, although still unofficial, has sparked plenty of curiosity given the weight social proof carries within ecommerce in Europe. 

Shopify has expanded its carrier options for Markets Pro with standard international shipping via DHL eCommerce. Merchants now have access to this at label purchase. 

Drake is gifting thousands of fans on tour using Shop App — drops have included unreleased Nike sneakers resulting in a tidal wave of Drake Related content across socials.

X (formerly Twitter) is testing a new feature that enables creators to gather email contacts from their subscribers. This will allow them to provide direct offers, or even shift engagement to another platform.

According to Bloomberg, personal consumption, the most important driver of economic growth,  is set to shrink in the US. High borrowing costs and a dwindling of Covid-era savings has begun to take its toll. Ecommerce brands should consider keeping costs tight. 

Brands we’re watching

🍑 Peachy Den has amassed a global, cult-like following in just a few years. The site is simple but visually captivating, a perfect reflection of their collections. 

🧼Frank Body delivers a fun lesson in branding, we love how well their playful TOV pairs well with the bright and bold design, little details make a big difference in their user journey. 

🥣Magic Spoon uses interactive animation to add a little extra to the brand experience. 

💌 HANX has a product we support and an ‘About’ section that we recommend you read 👏👏

Partner updates

Yotpo becomes the first and only reviews provider able to syndicate from site to TikTok shop, giving shoppers the info and assurance they need to consider and buy products on the social platform. 

Rebuy’s A/B Testing is now live, helping merchants grow revenue, improve personalisation and maximise the value of each customer. This feature will unlock data and insights whilst reducing friction. 

Loop made the Forbes Next Billion Dollar Startup list and they’ve announced a new feature integration with Wonderment, a highly customisable tracking solution for Shopify brands. Users can initiate returns or exchanges with just one click. 

Penny Black has received an additional £1.5m in seed funding, a result of the numerous partnerships and wins they’ve secured across the UK and Europe recently 📦

Okendo has officially launched Okendo Quizzes, enabling merchants to create guided shopping experiences to increase conversions. Actionable profile data will enrich customer records allowing for better personalisation. 

Dotdigital has acquired Fresh Relevance as market demands providers that can offer deep customer engagement capabilities that span the entire customer journey. They remain committed to creating personalised cross-channel experiences with ease. 

Events 🪩

Ecommerce Expo is a couple of weeks away! Come find us at the Excel in London on the 27th-28th September – we’ll be located at booth K40. 

Tom & Tom have been invited to the Ministry of Founders Supper Club, hosted by Arian Kalantari. Arian founded LadBible alongside school friend Alexander Soloumou, but recently stepped down to pursue new ventures. As co-founders that also met back in education, The Tom’s are looking forward to hearing Arian’s story 🎤

Meet Superco

How did you end up here?

In 2017, I started working as a Shopify merchant success guru. I loved the complexity of Shopify and how fulfilling it was to resolve and figure out things for merchants. When Emil told me about a job opening in Superco, I applied without hesitation. This decision turned out to be one of the greatest I have made. 

Thing you're most proud of

I am proud of my family for how we made it through all the challenges the pandemic threw at us. Also, all of the relationships that I have established in the past few years, and I am definitely proud of being part of Superco!

Favourite current project:

At the moment, it's Mon Lait - I am really excited for the growth of their business. We have pending projects for them and I’m excited to see how our work will impact their conversions!

Favourite current trend

Use of AI, specifically ChatGPT - it’s now unstoppable! I am still learning how to maximise the tool, but definitely loving it.

Best piece of advice

Seek excellence rather than perfection. Continuously reflect on your growth areas and use them as motivation for self-improvement.

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