August 4, 2023

How Shopify Plus can drive explosive growth for your F&B brand

Key takeaways from our talk at Bread & Jam Festival, 2023.

Shopify is the world’s number one ecommerce platform, offering a range of solutions to help online merchants reach their full potential. Shopify Plus was launched as an extension of the original product — a platform with advanced features to support brands experiencing massive growth at wild speed. 

Superco is a Shopify Plus agency specialising in growth and retention, we have a team of dedicated ecommerce experts and a wealth of experience helping Food and Beverage brands such as FUNKIN COCKTAILS and Minor Figures. 

Our co-founder, Tom Carew and product owner Sam Brenton were recently invited to speak at Bread and Jam Festival 2023. Joined by Igor Tolkachev from Shopify, the three shared insights into the current market and just how well suited Shopify Plus is to drive growth for F&B brands. Here’s a look at what was covered…

The market forces working against you

Economy crisis

Before we take a look at the range of incredible features Shopify can offer your food and bev business, it’s worth considering what external circumstances your brand is currently up against. There’s no escaping the economic situation in the UK, with interest rates continuously on the rise and the cost of living crisis worsening. 

Many consumers are feeling the pinch right now, and shoppers are having to think carefully about how they spend their money. Discretionary products are the first to take a hit, including perishables that could be considered ‘a treat’. 

After subscriptions sky-rocketed in 2020, many F&B brands were laughing (perhaps you were too), but as economic decline began to rock the boat in 2022, it was reported that roughly 46 million consumers had recently cancelled or paused their repeat orders. If this trend continues, it will only be the brands that offer exceptional value to their consumers that can rely on the recurring revenue. 

Industry News

We promise not to get stuck on the negatives for too long but to continue painting a picture of external circumstances for F&B brands, Tom went on to discuss factors in the news that would likely be making an impact on consumer opinions. 

For example, The WHO’s latest announcement - that aspartame is possibly carcinogenic - is sure to spark scepticism around many products. Equally, the FDA’s plans to test nutritional labels on the front of packaging could lead to shifts in buying behaviour.

So, why point out that F&B brands are currently in for a tough ride? Because despite all the external forces, Shopify Plus can still support your growth. According to Igor from Shopify, smaller food and drinks businesses are currenting eating up a large chunk of the market share in ecom. You may be surprised to hear that before covid hit, large CPG brands in the US were losing market share at a rate of 1.5% per year — with smaller brands growing 1.7% in the same period. Of those small brands that were succeeding, many were (and still are!) using Shopify. 

Just starting out? Why your F&B brand should choose Shopify. 

If you’re just starting out online, Shopify has the tools to take your brand to the next level. Tom, Sam, and Igor discussed how the following three factors make Shopify the ultimate platform for brands with high-growth potential. 

🛒Best performing checkout

Shopify has the world’s best performing checkout and that’s not our opinion, it’s a fact. This year, Shopify partnered with one of the big three global management consulting firms, handed over all of their data and committed to publishing the results no matter what. The independent study proved that Shopify's overall conversion rate outpaces the competition by up to 36% and by an average of 15%.


Shopify Plus offers omnichannel commerce which means more channels, more shoppers, more sales. You can sell everywhere your customers are, and manage it all from your Shopify admin. 

After all, potential fans of your brand aren’t just on one channel, they’re on all of them, and 73% of shoppers will explore a brand on multiple channels before they decide to make the purchase. 

By managing your online store, social media, and marketplaces from one centralised area, you can control a perfect and consistent customer experience. 

⏩Go-to-market speed

Shopify offers an efficient and effective solution without the complexity of traditional site builds. Heinz’s ecommerce site was launched in seven days, and Planet Organic’s went live in less than ninety. 

Other Shopify benefits

We’ve covered the advantages that Shopify offers for brands just starting off, but Tom and Igor went on to discuss other platform benefits. Shopify was built to scale and therefore the solution is also right for brands that are growing at speed. 


Building an ecommerce store from scratch comes with a hefty price tag, making Shopify a more efficient and cost effective solution. For a comprehensive breakdown of the costs associated with a fully optimised Shopify Plus store, take a read of our blog on pricing up the ultimate Shopify partner tech stack.


Shopify is the best ecommerce platform around due to an easy, user-friendly interface and wide range of features and tools. From customisable themes, to built-in payment systems, and extensive inventory management, it’s straightforward and fast to create an online store, with no prior experience in ecommerce needed. 

✅Data is king

We all know that the market is saturated and customer relationships are the key to success. To keep your customers happy, you have to provide value, and to provide value you need to understand their desires. If you agree with this notion then you agree that data matters, and you’ll be pleased to hear that Shopify makes collecting data nice and simple. Test new products, test new markets, and test new content, then gather your information and leverage it to lift conversions. 


Shopify Plus allows F&B brands to run their wholesale business alongside their D2C. Tools are optimised for flexibility, so you can tailor the end-to-end experience for each buyer. The following five features are offered by the platform and are essential for your B2B success:


Create wholesale company profiles with multiple locations and associated buyers.

🔖Product publishing and pricing:

Offer a personalised buying experience with curated product selections and price lists. This includes flexible purchasing rules, percentage-based pricing and discounts, all assigned to a specific buyer or location. 

💳Flexible payment options:

Create automated net payment terms, draft orders, vaulted credit cards and invoicing, to streamline the order process.

🛒B2B checkout:

Show wholesale pricing during accelerated checkout based on company profile.

🕵️Customer accounts:

Authenticate buyers before they can access wholesale products and pricing, and view and manage account information and order history.

✅24/7 support

Not only is the customer support team available 24/7 on email and live chat, but the scope of their service is much wider than you might expect. Everyone at Shopify is invested in your brand’s success, focusing on revenue generation rather than maintenance. 

Tips on how to succeed

As the talk at Bread & Jam Fest began to wrap up, the team were asked for pearls of wisdom that might help F&B brands trying to make it in the current market. Their advice? Get close to your customers and own your growth. 

Here’s some advice that followed: 

🔥Double down on customer experience 

In a competitive landscape, doubling down on customer experience isn't a choice – it's a pivotal strategy for ensuring your brand survives. By prioritising seamless interactions, personalised journeys, and attentive service, you can cultivate customer loyalty.

🛍️Create great products 

We’re not talking about products you think people will like or that your mother likes. These are genuinely great products. Shopify makes it simple to test different products and collect feedback from customers, so try out your ideas until something really works.

🔎Steal success strategies 

Saturated markets come with their downfalls, but you can always learn from your competition. Tom, Sam and Igor encouraged brands to look at great F&B brands for inspiration. They touched on a couple of great examples:

Huel: Started on Shopify, collected a wealth of data and then used it to inform their retail strategy. The information they’d gathered from their ecommerce store was able to inform their expansion and product selection. 

Minor Figures: Signed up for Shopify Plus to expand in the USA and Australia. The USA is now their fastest growing market and a lot can be learned from how they focus on brand equity as opposed to bug fixing. 

General Mills: Historically reaching consumers through wholesale, General Mills partnered with Shopify to bring brand stories to life at scale, facilitating a direct connection with consumers. Through the partnership, the brand became the first CPG to open a TikTok shop, leveraging one of the huge benefits of Shopify plus — the social commerce it unlocks for brands. 

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