August 29, 2023

Superco: On Brand #5

More ecommerce news and insights to keep you ahead of the curve.
Hi from the Toms,

Summers like this only validate our decision to be a remote-first agency! We love to see the UK team chasing the sunshine when it fails to show up here, and with so many colleagues based in exotic countries, transcontinental collaboration is definitely at an all time high. 

We’d like to shout out to Videowise for the launch of The State of Innovative Ecommerce Ebook — 100+ pages of current trends, strategies and reports for merchants to get stuck into ahead of BFCM. We’re very happy to be part of such an incredible resource for brands, more on this below. 

See you all soon,
Tom & Tom

The State of Innovative Ecommerce 2023 Edition

Just in time for the all important Q4, we’re excited to announce the release of a comprehensive guide and ebook titled ‘The State of Innovative Ecommerce 2023 Edition’. 

This incredibly detailed (and totally free) catalogue of insights has been consolidated by Videowise and includes advice from Shopify partners such as Rebuy, Loyalty Lion, and the team here at Superco. 

The ebook has 100+ pages covering the latest innovation in ecommerce, broken down into seven informative chapters for online brands on a path to their greatest potential:

1 Introduction (ecommerce overview and trends)

2 Create memorable experiences that resonate with shoppers 

3 Elevate the shopping journey

4 Provide effortless purchasing processes including shipping and returns 

5 Harness personalisation to create individualised shopping experiences

6 Analyse ecommerce shopping at scale

7 Conclusion (how to drive more sales with innovation)

We strongly recommend all brands dig deep into this resource ahead of the next few months as it’s a fantastic source of data, tools and advice — all packaged up to set merchants up for success.

You can find our section on Pricing Up The Ultimate Shopify Partner Tech Stack in chapter five — a guide to our most trusted Shopify partners, what you can expect to pay, and how to get the most out of your investment. 

If this or any of the other topics spark your interest, please feel free to get in touch for a chat. 

Superco’s Materiality Assessment

Superco has begun the process of becoming a B Corp Certified agency — an independently verified business that is recognised for going above and beyond to meet high standards of social and environmental performance. The entire team has shown great enthusiasm for working toward this accolade as collectively we aspire to have a positive impact on not just the agency’s network, but the planet too. 

To get things off the ground, we carried out a materiality assessment that would help us understand the level of knowledge and expectation of our key stakeholders. A detailed questionnaire was circulated to our team, investors, and partners to uncover key Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues. 

We have since internally reported the results and set goals to hold ourselves accountable to making positive change. We’d like to share a few of the key themes and learnings:

Environmental Sustainability 

75% of participants were unsure or unaware of Superco’s environmental pledge, despite 94% of stakeholders showing great care for this topic. All respondents have since been made aware of our environmental efforts (which include our remote-first policy and negating the use of physical materials), and as an agency we will continue to uphold these standards whilst also rewarding clients for operating sustainably. 

Ethical Marketing Practices

It was a 50/50 split for stakeholders aware or unaware of the agency’s commitment to ethical marketing. When presented with a statement outlining our current efforts, 94% agreed Superco is doing well in this area. We will continue to keep our clients details safe through our CRM provider and always offer an opt-out option within all comms. 

Diversity and Inclusion

88% of stakeholders were either aware or very aware of Superco’s commitment to D&I — it’s no secret that we have a diverse team of talent from all over the globe and we’ll continue to uphold this exceptional standard through our ever-evolving recruitment process. 

For the full assessment where you can also see results for issues such as Employee Wellbeing, Community Engagement, Supplier Relationships, and Governance and Transparency, please follow this link

TikTok makes moves

TikTok is set to shake up the ecommerce world by banning external links to platforms like Amazon. This shift aims to propel TikTok Shop into the limelight, creating a self-reliant shopping hub for scrollers. This is a bold step for the platform and signifies a strong determination to redefine online shopping trends.

Content creators are likely to feel the impact first as the ban on external links will likely disrupt their revenue streams, especially those reliant on affiliate marketing with the likes of Amazon. The shift will encourage influencers to promote products solely through TikTok Shop, potentially reshaping the affiliate marketing landscape.

TikTok’s ultimate goal is to cultivate a seamless shopping experience within their app. In the US, daily spending on TikTok Shop is on the rise, projected to exceed $10 million by year-end. 

And banning links isn’t the platform's only update, the entertainment app has also decided to expand its ecommerce footprint with “Fulfilled By TikTok (FBT)”, a logistics service for UK-based sellers. FBT simplifies selling on TikTok Shop, offering end-to-end fulfilment services from storage to shipping. 

It’s clear that TikTok are making significant strides towards providing a seamless shopping experience for users and sellers, and this comes at a time where Amazon is perhaps set to upset many fans — the ecommerce giant has just announced they will be implementing a charge for same-day delivery on orders under £20 for UK Prime members. Although it’s unsurprising given the number of businesses adjusting delivery charges to balance services and costs, we can’t help but think it makes TikTok Shop shine that little bit more. 

Stuff we’re talking about

Consumers spent a total of £18.6 billion online in June and July, achieving YoY growth of 1.6%, and the first increase in 17 months.

Klarna surpasses 100 million European users, boasting 14% YoY growth in Gross Merchandise Volume in the second quarter in Europe — 26% in the UK.

Digital Commerce 360 reports that a B2B marketplace boom has begun, with over 500 industry-specific platforms already in action. Within two years, this number is expected to surpass 750, making B2B marketplaces the fastest-growing channel in digital commerce. Diverse sectors, from logistics to business software, are experiencing significant growth. 

UK shoppers are divided on AI impact, with only 41% perceiving artificial intelligence as having a positive impact on their retail experiences. Despite this, 70% of UK consumers favour brands that offer personalised recommendations, so it is still a worthwhile tactic when considering your CRM or customer service strategy. 

The EU presents a big test for big tech. The Digital Services Act (DSA) is set to roll out in late 2023 and poses significant challenges to Meta, Google and Amazon. The DSA aims to regulate online platforms and requires companies to adhere to strict content removal timelines, share ad revenue with content creators, and improve transparency.

Brands we’re watching

🏋️ Alphalete: From practicality to aesthetics and comfort, there’s a lot to consider when buying activewear and Alphalete have cleverly designed PDPs to relay a wealth of detail without overwhelming users.

👖 Post Jeans: We love a website that invites us in to play! Post Jean’s have created a retro, remote-controlled shopping experience that keeps you clicking. The brand expression is clear, and the focus on materials simplifies exploring whilst alluding to the premium nature of their range. 

🥚BEGG: A great example of how typography can bring a website to life. Scroll for a vibrant and engaging user journey that successfully makes eggs seem exciting. 

Tag Heuer: Build your dream watch with Tag Heuer. Choose a model, strap, and face within the configurator, a slick customisation tool that showcases your live design before prompting you to ‘Add to Cart’. 

Partner Updates

LoyaltyLion has introduced the RePeak Purchase Roadmap, a step-by-step guide to a successful peak season with 13 tactics to guarantee an unforgettable Black Friday — download it now! 

Klaviyo just launched CDP, an all-in-one platform that gives users everything they need to manage customer data more effectively. CDP has been designed to drive revenue and engagement, reduce total cost of ownership, increase efficiency, and improve data accuracy. 

Gorgias debuts Flows, a new automation add-on feature to help brands personalise automation support. Initial trials show merchants increasing automation from 10% to 35%, reducing workload for their team whilst enhancing the customer experience. 

Events 🪩

We’ve joined forces with to host networking drinks for partners and brands on August 30th. Join us on the terrace at our co-working space The Ministry — yes, we’re optimists when it comes to weather ☀️Please let us know you’re attending by following this link.

Ecommerce Expo is now right around the corner! Come find us at Excel London on the 27th-28th September. If you’re around for the day and want to carry on into the evening, we’ll also be hosting brands and partners at…reference afterparty here - msg RK for details 

Meet Superco

How did you end up at Superco?

I found out about Superco from a colleague who knew the agency well. She thought my ambition matched their aspirations and wasn’t wrong, I was keen to get involved and very happy to be offered the role. 

What are you most proud of?

Within my personal life, I am proud of my family and children. At Superco, and professionally speaking, I like to think that I’m modest! 

Favourite current project?

Temple Cycles, I’ve enjoyed getting to know their ecommerce team, working with them on a project that challenges me.

Words to live by?

Be kind, think good of people and always offer help, what goes around comes around. 

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